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IPL team jersey 2024 links for new kits will be placed here once they are released by their respective franchise.

Like the last edition of the Indian Premier League there will be two new IPL clubs in the 2024 competition as well. With ten teams in total, this year’s tournament will last 74 matches. Every team in the Indian Premier League will have its uniform that they will wear during the matches. Let’s look at some of those jerseys in more detail and list where you can find them.

Gujarat Titans – The defending champions Gujarat Titans will maintain their dark blue jersey for the upcoming season. Nevertheless, the designers have incorporated a hint of gold to enhance its appearance. The IPL 2023 commenced with an exhilarating clash between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings. The Gujarat Titans jersey can be purchased on the following sites – Official Site, Amazon.in, Fancode, Fandom Cricket, Best Cricket Store and Cricket Store Online.

Chennai Super Kings – Chennai has worn a yellow shirt in Indian Premier League matches since the league’s inception. On the front of the yellow shirt will be the Myntra sponsor’s name, with the Gulf Oil emblem in the top right corner. The CSK logo will be in the top left corner, with four stars on top, representing the number of IPL trophies they have won so far. In addition, a roaring lion logo will be in the lower right corner of CSK’s jersey. Shop official Chennai Super Kings jerseys and merchandise online on the official site, Fandom CricketFlipkart, Amazon and Fancode.

Delhi Capitals – In the Indian Premier League, the Delhi franchise wears a blue with a partially red shirt. In the centre of the shirt, the Delhi Capitals have a triple tiger roaring emblem over-layed by their sponsor JSW. The Delhi Capitals’ shirt has a pale blue lower half with tiger stripes. In addition, DC emphasises their collar and abdomen with a dark red colour. Shop official Delhi Capitals jerseys and merchandise online on the official site, USPL World, Fancode, Aswani Cricket and Amazon.

Mumbai Indians – The Mumbai Indians’ shirt is blue with golden stripes emblazoned on both shoulders. The logos of both Principal partners are printed on the front and back sides of the shirt by the five-time trophy champions. The Mumbai Indians’ emblem is also on the left side of the shirt, along with the logos of Associate Partners on the sleeves. In addition, the Mumbai Indians employ a lovely golden colour to indicate the player’s name and number on the field. Shop official Mumbai Indians jerseys and merchandise online on the official site (product page)Fandomcricket, Flipkart, Fancode, Shop The Arena and Amazon.

Royal Challengers Bangalore – The Royal Challengers Bangalore employ a red and black combination shirt with gold to indicate their players’ names and jersey numbers. RCB’s jersey design is distinctive in that it is divided into two unequal parts, with the upper part printed in dark black and the remaining lower part in dark red. Shop official Royal Challengers Bangalore jerseys and merchandise online on the official site, Fandom Cricket, Puma, Myntra, Amazon, Aswani Cricket UK, Brewing Cricket and Fancode.

Rajasthan Royals – The Rajasthan Royals wear a blue and pink jersey with pink covering most of it. Furthermore, in comparison to the other IPL clubs, RR’s jersey might be considered a plain one. Shop official Rajasthan Royals jerseys and merchandise online on the official siteTyka, Amazon, Aswan Cricket UK and Gully Active Club.

Kolkata Knight Riders – The Kolkata Knight Riders are represented with a blue and gold shirt. Three colour zones can be noticed on the KKR jersey. First, the jersey will have a blue backdrop with golden horizontal stripes over the top. Second, the logo of their Principal Sponsor, MPL, is blue in the middle. Third, the lower half of the jersey is a golden colour, giving it a distinct look from the other team’s jerseys. Shop official Kolkata Knight Riders jerseys and merchandise online on the official site, Shop The Arena, USPL World, Amazon.in, Best Cricket Store and Aswani Cricket UK.

Punjab Kings – The Punjab Kings’ shirt is a vibrant red with gold accents that highlight the player’s name and number. On both sides of the jersey, there are a couple of big triangle-like stripes on the bottom. Shop official Punjab Kings jerseys and merchandise online on the official site, T10Sports, Fancode, Fandom Cricket, Amazon.in, Club Jersey, Aswani Cricket UK and Shop The Arena.

Sunrisers Hyderabad – The Sunrisers Hyderabad team wears an orange and black jersey. On February 9, 2022, the Sunrisers Hyderabad unveiled their new uniform. The new jersey comes in black on the sleeves and dotted orange on the lower handcuffs. The front, back, and trousers are all a brilliant orange colour. Shop official Sunrisers Hyderabad jerseys and merchandise online on Tyka and Fancode, USPL World, Amazon.in, Flipkart, Aswani Cricket UK and Fan Quest.

Lucknow Super Giants – The Lucknow Super Giants will soon reveal their new jersey design for the upcoming IPL 2024 season. The primary colour of the jersey is a shade of dark blue, with red stripes running along each side. The Lucknow Super Giants jersey can be purchased on the following sites – Amazon.in, Club Jersey, Aswan Cricket UK and Meesho.

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