What is Cricket Accumulator Betting? Acca in Cricket Explained

Now that we know a little bit more about cricket betting using our exhaustive ‘how to bet on cricket‘ guide, it’s time to up the ante. In this piece we look at what is accumulator betting in cricket, or acca betting as it is also popularly known in the cricket betting circles.

What is Accumulator Betting in Cricket?

Cricket Accumulator betting involves combining multiple individual cricket bets into a single wager and it requires all selected bets to be successful for the overall accumulator bet to win.

That was the short answer. To expand on this further, here’s the longer explanation for those just starting out with accumulator betting.

Accumulator betting, often referred to as an “acca” or “parlay,” is a popular form of betting where bettors combine multiple individual bets into a single, larger wager.

In the context of cricket, accumulator bets typically involve predicting the outcomes of several matches or events within a tournament.

The appeal of accumulator betting lies in the potential for higher returns, as the odds of each individual bet are multiplied together, creating a more significant potential payout. However, the catch is that for the accumulator bet to be successful, all the individual predictions must come true.

For example, in a cricket accumulator bet, a bettor might predict the winner of multiple matches, the top run-scorer, or the highest wicket-taker in a tournament.

Each of these predictions becomes a separate “leg” of the accumulator. If any one of the legs fails to materialize as predicted – i.e. the bettor makes a wrong prediction for any one of the bet – the entire accumulator bet is lost, even if the other legs were correct.

The cumulative nature of these bets adds an element of risk and excitement, as success depends on the accuracy of each prediction in the combination.

Accumulator betting allows for a variety of combinations, and the potential payouts increase with the number of legs in the bet. While the allure of substantial winnings is evident, the difficulty of predicting multiple outcomes accurately makes accumulator betting a challenging but thrilling form of cricket wagering.

Punters need a good understanding of the cricket teams, players, and tournament dynamics to make informed selections, as even a single incorrect prediction can result in the loss of the entire accumulator.

Will Multiple Bets Made on the Same Match be an Acca?

No, bookmakers only allow bets made across different matches to be a part of an accumulator. So, a punter cannot add the match winner and the top batsman from the same game as a part of the same accumulator bet.

Can You Explain a Cricket Accumulator with an Example?

Here’s one simple example of a cricket acca from the 2023 Cricket World Cup. A punter picks up the following winners for the first five matches of the tournament and places a total bet of 100 units of the currency.

  1. England v New Zealand – New Zealand to win (13/10)
  2. Pakistan v Netherlands – Pakistan to win (1/5)
  3. Afghanistan v Bangladesh – Bangladesh to win (8/11)
  4. South Africa v Sri Lanka – South Africa to win (1/2)
  5. Australia v India – India to win (3/4)

The total value of this cricket acca., i.e. the overall odds if the punter gets this right is 25/2. If all these cricket results actually materialise, then the punter makes 25/2 for his 100 units of the currency, i.e. 1250 units (over and above the 100 he bet).

As it turned out, in the 2023 World Cup, New Zealand did beat England, Pakistan crushed Netherlands, Bangladesh eased past Afghanistan, South Africa routed Sri Lanka and India had an easy group victory over Australia.

Had the punter got any of these wrong – say he had bet on defending champions England to beat New Zealand in the opener – he would have lost the entire 100 units.

What are the Types of Accumulator Bets in Sports?

There are different types of accumulator bets in cricket which include “doubles,” “trebles,” “one-way” and so on. These terms are commonly used in accumulator betting to describe the structure of the wager. Let’s break down what each term means:


A doubles accumulator consists of two selections combined into a single bet. For example, if a bettor selects the winners of two cricket matches and combines them into one wager, it’s referred to as a doubles accumulator. Both selections must be correct for the bet to win.


A trebles accumulator involves three selections combined into a single bet. The bettor predicts the outcomes of three cricket events, such as match winners or top run-scorers, and combines them into one wager. All three predictions must be accurate for the accumulator to be successful.

Four-Fold, Five-Fold, etc

The terms “four-fold,” “five-fold,” and so on, are used to describe accumulators with four, five, or more selections, respectively. For example, a four-fold accumulator involves combining the outcomes of four cricket events into one bet. The number of folds corresponds to the number of selections combined in the accumulator.

The previous example of the 2023 World Cup was a five-fold bet.

The appeal of doubles, trebles, and higher-fold accumulators lies in the potential for increased payouts due to the multiplication of odds. However, as the number of selections increases, so does the difficulty of predicting all outcomes correctly. While the potential winnings are higher, the risk of losing the entire bet also escalates.

Bettors should carefully consider the balance between potential payout and risk when choosing the number of selections for their accumulator bets, keeping in mind that each added selection introduces an additional layer of uncertainty.

Some bookmakers offer partial redemptions in case three of a punter’s four bets have come correct and the result of the fourth one is still awaited. Same with four of five, five of six and so on. And punters do take advantage of that especially if the payout for whatever they have won so far is large enough in absolute terms.

Advantages of Cricket Acca Betting Over Single Bets

While accumulator betting in cricket comes with its own risks, which we will look into in a later section, it also offers several advantages compared to normal (single) betting. That makes it very popular among punters.

Here are some key advantages of using accumulator betting:

Higher Potential Returns

No surprises here. This is the biggest advantage of a cricket acca bet – a very high return even on single bets which offer very short odds. By combining multiple selections into a single bet, the overall odds increase, leading to a larger payout if all selections are successful.

This provides an opportunity for punters to achieve significant profits with a relatively small stake.

Let’s assume there are five cricket matches between two very unevenly-matched sides and the winning odds for the favourite in each of these five matches is a lowly 1/5. A five-fold acca backing the favourite in each of these five matches will give a return of 6/4 (i.e. for every four units of money added, there is a return of six units of profit or 10 units back if all five matches are correctly predicted).

Turning Small Stakes into Big Wins

Accumulator bets provide an opportunity to turn a modest initial investment into a substantial profit. This potential for significant returns from a relatively small stake is an attractive proposition for cricket punters looking for a more lucrative outcome compared to traditional single bets.

Look at the same example of the Cricket World Cup 2023 mentioned above. Pasting it here again for reference:

  1. England v New Zealand – New Zealand to win (13/10)
  2. Pakistan v Netherlands – Pakistan to win (1/5)
  3. Afghanistan v Bangladesh – Bangladesh to win (8/11)
  4. South Africa v Sri Lanka – South Africa to win (1/2)
  5. Australia v India – India to win (3/4)

Say a bookmaker has a minimum allowed bet of 10 units. You will need to put up 10 units for each of these matches, i.e. a total of 50 units, if you went the single bet way.

While using an acca, however, you can put a small stake of 10 units for it and the winning payout could turn out to be a 115 units as profit. If you lose, you lose just 10 units irrespective of how many of the bets go wrong!

This is just a small example of how cricket accas work but there are those who put 10 units on 10 or 11 or even 12-fold accumulator bets with a payout possibility that runs in hundreds of thousands of dollars or pounds or crores of rupees!

While accumulator betting has its advantages, it’s essential for punters to be aware of the increased risk associated with this form of betting. Proper research, risk management, and a thoughtful approach are crucial for maximizing the benefits of accumulator betting.

Risks & Disadvantages of Cricket Accas

Accumulator betting in cricket, while enticing due to its potential for higher returns and increased excitement, comes with inherent risks that punters need to be mindful of.

Understanding these risks is crucial for making informed decisions and implementing effective strategies to mitigate potential losses.

Increased Probability of Losing

One of the primary risks of accumulator betting is the higher probability of losing the entire bet.

Since accumulators involve multiple selections, the failure of any one outcome results in the loss of the entire wager. This risk is exacerbated with larger accumulators that include numerous events.

Dependency on Multiple Outcomes

Accumulator bets, unlike single bets, depend on the success of multiple events, and if even one of these events fails to materialize as predicted, the entire bet is lost. This makes accumulator betting inherently riskier compared to single bets, where the outcome is tied to a single event.

Overlooking Odds and Value

Punters may be tempted by the allure of high odds in accumulator bets without adequately assessing whether those odds represent genuine value. Focusing solely on the potential for higher returns can lead to poor decision-making, especially if the odds do not accurately reflect the likelihood of the outcomes.

Diluted Expertise

When punters include a wide range of events in an accumulator, they may dilute their expertise across different leagues, teams, or formats. Lack of in-depth knowledge about specific events can increase the risk of making uninformed selections, leading to inaccurate predictions.

The best way to overcome this is to stick to your strengths and the format, league or teams you know best and have carried out your analysis for.

In conclusion, while accumulator betting can be an exhilarating form of wagering, punters must recognize and manage the associated risks.

Live Example of a Successful Cricket Acca Bet

There have been a few punters, including yours truly who have won smaller accumulator bets on cricket – my biggest payout was when I bet a quid on four-fold acca odds of 14/1! – but there have been others who have made big money using this option.

According to reports, a customer who used Betfair as his bookmaker, put a whopping £650 (around INR 65,000 those days) on a 12-fold bet which consisted of not just cricket results but also other sports like tennis.

His cricketing bets included a home series win for England over India in 2018 and England to win the 2019 World Cup, both of which came true and he went on to win a whopping £258,000 (about INR 2.5 crore!).

Why is Cricket Accumulator Betting So Exciting for Fans?

There is no doubting that cricket accumulator betting holds a special appeal for many a punter. There are many reasons for this but some of the main ones that set it apart from traditional single bets are as follows.

Two of the reasons have already been covered in the advantages section, i.e. the increased potential for higher returns and the potential for big wins from small stakes. Here’re some of the other options.

Thrill of Multiple Match Involvement

Unlike in single match betting, cricket punters experience heightened excitement because of their vested interest in the outcome of bets on more than one match. So, even when you aren’t watching a game that includes your favourite team, it makes the rest of them more engaging, given that several matches contribute to the success or failure of the accumulator bet.

Strategic Element to Cricket Accas

Accumulator betting in cricket involves a strategic element where punters must carefully analyze and select multiple matches. This decision-making process adds an intellectual challenge to the betting experience, attracting those who enjoy applying their cricket knowledge and analytical skills.

Diverse Betting Options

Accumulator bets come in various forms, including doubles, trebles, and system bets. This diversity allows cricket punters to choose the level of risk they are comfortable with and experiment with different betting strategies, enhancing the overall experience.

Community and Social Aspect

Many punters engage in accumulator betting as part of a social activity or community. Sharing cricket tips, strategies, and experiences with fellow bettors adds a communal dimension, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the betting process.

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